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Box.net are offering 50GB online Storage (normally 5GB) to anyone with an LG or Sony Ericsson Xperia phone. If you don't have any of these phones you can still benifit from this offer by quickly editing your "build.prop"

What you need:
Rooted Android phone
A way to edit your "build.prop" (build.prop editor, root explorer, etc.)

First open your "build.prop" (located at /system) using your prefered method and edit these two lines (Make a backup first!!!):

ro.product.manufacturer=YOUR DEVICE BRAND (ex. Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.)
ro.product.model=YOUR DEVICE MODEL (ex. Galaxy S II, Sensation, Droid)

Replace Brand & Model to look like this:

ro.product.model=VS910 4G

All you have to do is insert  "LGE" as Brand and "VS910 4G" as model.

Save and reboot.

After reboot, open the Box.net App and register for a new account and you should receive a 50GB account.

This offer ends on the 31st December 2011!

PS: Don't forget to restore your original "build.prop" after registring and reboot again.


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  1. Anonym says:

    thanks every body need more spaces
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  2. more space is never bad ;)

  3. rebooting ... we will see what happen .... the phone is up...

    is works !! thanks alot

  4. ولهان

    You're welcome ;)

  5. jignesh says:

    Thanks for this information this was really helpful.
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  6. I need a developer to make a apps for android for me.

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