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Hi there!

Good News, WindowsTab 8 for Android is here!!!

Follow the instructions below!

What you need:
-Android Tablet

-> The setup is the same like "MotorolaDefy 7"!


1. Got to MultiPicture Livewallpaper and select the 3 backgrounds from the WindowsTab 8 files. Make sure, the Transition is set to "none".

2. Change the Desktop layout. Rows 6, Columns 8.

3. Make 8 DesktopVisualizer Tiles (Size 2x1) and put them in the Middle of the Screen. Also make 3 Tiles with the Size 1x1 and put them on top of the Navigationbar (Start, Media, Games). In the middle of the Tiles, I've putted a weather Widget, you can do whatever you want with the free space there.... Attention: The 1x1 Tiles, have to be on every screen! 

4. The Icons...tap on one of the DesktopVisualizer Tiles and set them up, select the icon from the WindowsTab 8 files, and select which App should start by tapping. For the 1x1 Tiles on the Navigationbar, select the "transparent.png" file. For Media & Games you can set a gamehub or something else, Start should be the Launcher itself, so when you tap it, that you came back to the main screen.

5. Media Screen, same thing here, but with other icons. I've also placed some Widgets here, like Youtube.

6. Game Screen, you can put your Games here, make folders, anything you want! 

7. Now you can place some Widgets on the Screen, like Weather, Clock,...

8. WindowsTab 8 is finished! Enjoy it!




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  1. I personally think that this one is best launcher for the Android devices. That's due to the simplicity that the Android needs.

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