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What you need for this:
-Android Phone
-ADW Launcher EX
-MultiPicture Livewallpaper
-Desktop Visualizer
-Kindle Fire Setup files (Click)


ADW Launcher EX:
 Gridsize 5x7, hide icon text, transition "slide", dock disabled, 3 Homescreens, infiniti scroll.

MultiPicture Livewallpaper:
3 Custom Screens, set backgrounds from the Kindle Fire Setup files (they're numbered), transition "none".

Set the Phone, SMS, Email, Gamesfolder, Launcher icons on the menubar and make them transparent by using the "transparent.png" from the Kindle Fire Setup files.
Place some Desktopvisualizer widgets over the big icons in the center and make them transparent, too.
Now put some of your favorites Apps on the bottom two lines (Maybe with an icon theme, I'm using "Suave HD"  icons)
Do this for the next 2 Screens and you're done!




7 Responses so far.

  1. Z O R A says:

    thx alot my bro i love your styles

  2. I'm glad you like them! :)

  3. this wont work with Go Launcher? :(

  4. @Justin Schlesinger;

    You can try it, when you can hide the dock and change the gridsize, then it will work. Try it and let me know ;)

    PS: There is already a newer version out, you can mix the new version with this one or setup only one of them...here's the link: http://next-level-android.blogspot.com/2011/11/kindle-fire-ui-v20.html


  5. jhon says:

    Android phones are awesome and you mention here nice tips. Thanks android app developers provide the awesome applications that's why these phones are most likely by everyone.

  6. Nice Tutorial Mr Andrian if need User's Manual link from the official site amazon difficult to open you can read and download from the Kindle Fire manual

  7. Gosto muito dos artigos de ótima qualidade do seu Blog. Quando for possível dá uma passadinha para ver nosso Curso de Informática Online. Lucas

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