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(Future of Microsoft)

you probably have seen this Video from Microsoft:

Pretty impressive...how do you like the User Interface of their Smartphones? 
If you like it, then you should read on!

I'm glad to introduce you to my new theme called FUTOMI (aka Future of Microsoft).

Here are some Screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy S II:

What you need for this:

- Android Phone
- ADWLauncher EX (LauncherPro should work too)
- MultiPicture Livewallpaper
- Desktop Visualizer
- some Widgets (I'm using; Beautiful Weather, minimalistic text, simple calendar, market widget, Aozora clock, G+, G-Search, Wifi Manager and Soundhound)
- AndroidPhone7 (Metro UI theme for ADWLauncher)
- These files

Set up:

ADWLauncher EX: 
Grid Size-> 5x8
Transition-> Normal Scrolling
Dock-> None

MultiPicture Livewallpaper:
3 custom Settings-> each one diffrent Wallpaper (they're numberd)
Transition-> Wipe

Now go to your Homescreen
Now just place your favorite Apps there and some Widgets, if you want you can replace the icons with the ones that are in the files or with some from AndroidPhone7.

That's all, you're done!



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